Friday, November 7, 2008

Reuben's Grave revisited

Well, after three leads and visiting all three cemeteries twice, Mr. Bruises finally took me to Reuben's Grave. It was the very first cemetery I went to and took a photo of in my first post.

Sadly, the monument is long gone. Mr. Bruises remembers in high school that a Kittanning boy (who will not be named) stole it and rode around with it in the trunk of his car for the longest time. He took me to the general area that he remembered and we found an old foundation and are pretty sure that spot is where the grave is. The photo isn't that exciting. Despite looking though numerous year books, I still can't find a photo of the monument.

It's funny how urban legends are. My generation heard that Reuben hung himself by putting a noose around his neck, attached to a tree, while on a horse and then kicking the horse out from under himself. Others have heard about him killing all the kids in a nearby schoolhouse then killing himself. I guess that is how urban legends are, they take on a life of their own.

Here is a picture of the old schoolhouse that is at the bottom of the road, near the farm house. The schoolhouse must still get visits because it was clearly toilet papered when we were visiting.

This is the old farm and farmhouse that is at the bottom of the hill. Legend has it that the farmer that lived their was the graveyard caretaker. Story has it that he moved the grave after too many visitors. I can't believe that, but some do.


Hatgal said...

ohh i know where the school house is. I'm not so sure where the cemetary is from there. exciting!!

Kris said...

Rhonda, you finally found it! What took your husband so long to take you out there??? Oh, and I'm sure if anyone ever saw a white horse, it was from that farm. :)