Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bathroom Tour

I seem to be finding myself in interesting bathrooms lately. You will recall a past post, which featured a photo of The Beehive's bathroom. Sunday, I entered the most awesome public bathroom of all at Trader Joes! It looks like you are in a submarine.

When I came out of the bathroom, my BFF Jill asked me if I took a picture in there. Of course, she KNEW I did! I think I should photograph all the great bathrooms of America and make a coffee table book!


Scott said...

I was at Trader Joe's for the first time last week ... AND I TOOK THE EXACT SAME PICTURE!

Burgh Baby said...

As a bathroom connoisseur, I approve of this post.

The Purple Pinkie said...

At first I was all like, Scott, you couldn't have taken the same photo or you would have been in the Women's room. Then, I remembered that they were both "Family" restrooms.

Burgh Baby, even The Toddler would approve of this bathroom!!