Friday, November 14, 2008

Zip Car

On Sunday, my BFF Jill and I went to The Handmade Arcade in Shadyside. It was a really, cool craft show. They had a Zip Car there that you could write on. There were signatures and tags all over this car.

I found a nice spot inside the headlight to write my line.

Jill then found a spot.

Look what that Bi-otch wrote!


OlRedHair said...

I can't read it. :(

The Purple Pinkie said...

It says "Fonda sucks ass" with an arrow pointing to my "Fonda Bruises was here" LOL Nice friend, huh?

OlRedHair said...

She's a true BFF! LOL

Hatgal said...

lol lol lol. I laugh in your general direction.