Friday, June 5, 2009

Orlando Bound!

Trixie and I will be leaving in about three hours to pick up my co-worker, Sue, my BFF Jill and her sister Amanda and heading for the airport. We are all headed for the Premier Orlando Beauty Show, which is the largest beauty show on the east coast. This is Trixie's first trip and I am sure she is excited!

I used to compete nationally in nail competitions. I travelled like crazy. Then I retired and started working as a floor judge for the competitions. Well, I've been talked into coming back. I've joined a competition team with a dear friend, Lynn Lammers. We were team mates on a former team. After signing on to Lynn's team and starting her ten week training program, Lynn went to Germany as the US Champion and came home World Champion!!

This will be my first time competing in about four years. I am in it to have fun this time. I've worked hard and I am hoping for the best.

I better get some sleep, because I won't be sleeping much this weekend! We are coming home on Tuesday. One thing is for sure, it will be a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend of shopping, learning, sharing, laughing and just having an awesome time with my best besties in the whole wide world!!

Look out Orlando, here we come!!


Gina said...

God luck and have fun!!

YD said...

Have fun and good luck to you!