Friday, June 12, 2009

Orlando Recap

Orlando was an awesome trip. I had so much fun with my girlies. We called the weekend "Girls Behaving Badly in Orlando" We made a ton of videos. We have one of Amanda pole dancing on the tram to the airport terminal. We have one of Jill dancing in a liquor store until be got kicked out for taking pictures. We have one of us in the van, in traffic, asking random groups of tourists for directions to something we were right in front of. Then there's our favorite, videos of us heckling the golfers. All of these are on Facebook. If you aren't my friend on there, why the hell not? Find me Rhonda Kibuk and add me, you will be happy you did just for the entertainment value that these videos will bring!

My competition experience was great. I think I did very well after a multiple year break. I totally bombed my first competition. The major malfunction is that I was given a piece of equipment that has not been patented yet. Well, I stuck it in my bra so that no one could photograph it while it wasn't in use. I then went to use the rest room with BFF Jill, who was my model in that competition. When the competition started, I as done with the first nail. It was time to use my device. I reached in my bra and IT WA GONE! Let me tell you, I have never been felt up more than I felt up myself at that moment because my hand was in every nook and cranny of my bra looking for it. I realized it must have fallen out when I went to the bathroom. I had two people go look for it and about 30 minutes later, it was located. Whew! The damage was done though. My hand was like a jack hammer. Needless to say, I barely finished and the nails were awful and I didn't make the top ten.

The next competition was much better. This was the Design Sculptured Nails with a purple and gold theme. I did a purple to glitter fade for a sea and sculpted 3d goldfish that were then inlaid with clear. I ended up placing 5th out of 25 and was very happy with that!

This weekend is Vegas and even though I won't be attending, I did complete an art entry to be turned in. The theme for this one was "America". I came up with the most awesome idea and with a little help came up with what I feel is my best flat nail art entry I have produced to day. I will be sure to share the story and photos after the competition has been judged.

Good luck to all my team mates competing in Las Vegas! Go Team Pink!!!


Gina said...

I'm shocked that it was in Orlando and it had a Purple/Gold theme.

The Purple Pinkie said...

Yeah and you couldn't do any logos or anything copyrighted so that blew all the Lakers stuff out of the window! It was actually a really hard theme, it took me 2 months to come up with mine.

In Vegas, this weekend, the theme was "School". I could have done the fish again, a "school" of fish! LOLOL

YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

I'm glad you had such a great time!
"Girls Behaving Badly in Orlando" - that's just great!