Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Penguin Victory Parade!

Who would think that the same year that The Steelers win the Super Bowl and I get to go to the victory parade, that The Penguins would win The Stanley Cup and I would attend another victory parade in the same year! WHOO HOO for Pittsburgh sports, now how about those Buccos??

BFF Jill, Natalie, Tammy and I headed to the 'Burgh bright and early on Monday morning for the parade. We staked out a good spot before the crowds stared to arrive and we settled in for about four hours of defending our spaces.

We found a nice spot across from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. There is a sculpture of a dinosaur out front and we noticed that it had a Penguins shirt on as well as some sort of brown mask or bandanna. It took me two and a half hours of staring at this thing before I realized that it was supposed to be it's playoff beard! We also noticed how the window decorations made it appear that a hand was grabbing at the dinosaur's crotch. Hey, we had a lot of time on our hands!

I can't tell you how many douchebags we had to kick out of our space. One lady asked if a six year old could sit on BFF Jill's lap. Several just pushed up to the fence and kicked my cooler out of the way. I smiled at them, told them to move and offered them second row. They left. The biggest douche of the day was one who pushed his two kids through four rows of people right in front of me while he followed. I politely told him that this was NOT going to work. He then said to me that he has been a Penguins fan since he was six. I politely told him then he should have arrived at 8 and claimed a spot like I did. He then said he was going to find some "cool" people to hang out with. Good luck with that one Douchebag!

The parade was awesome! I got to see all of my favorites, starting with Mario! Too bad his driver was driving so fast, I barely got a photo of him!

Then we have the Douchenstahl. He was boo-ed the whole parade route. I was shaking from booing so violently that the photo is blurry! Even though I live in Armstrong County, I am sympathetic to the poor people who have him as Mayor!

My most exciting moment was seeing my favorite player, Kris Letang! I was screaming for him to take off his hat and release his #Letangssexhair (Twitter speak for those not in the know). He, unfortunately, didn't hear me.

Then, there was Gino! People started chanting for him and he went nuts! Mama and Papa Malkin were in the truck too!

Finally, Crosby and Fleury were coming with the cup. When Sidney hoisted it and shoved it in the air, the crowd was deafening! I seriously COULD NOT hear myself screaming. It was an unbelievable moment, that I will remember forever.

Congratulations, Pittsburgh, you have incredible sports teams and Pittsburgh fans are like no others. Too bad Wheaties ignored the Penguin's underdog win, and instead honored The Lakers on their cereal boxes.

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