Friday, June 19, 2009

The Swimming Hole!

BFF Jill and I took Travis on a hike in Crooked Creek park this weekend. We found a really great, private swimming hole for Travis. Travis had a ball! He would have swam all day if I would have let him.
Travis is my outdoors dog. He listens really well. I was able to have him off leash on the trail. Riley, on the other hand, hates the outdoors. He stayed home in bed, in the air conditioning and didn't really seem to mind that Travis was getting an outing.

When we got home, I gave Travis a bath, in the yard, with the garden hose. He just stood there and let me do it. Riley runs when he sees the hose. Later, Travis was still a little wet and he let me blow dry his fur. Again, Riley would have run for the hills.
Riley and Travis are such different dogs. I love it. I have the best of both worlds!


Bob said...

Hey Rhonda, Great photos, what a long way Travis has come from being locked in a cage in a barn.
Your the best, love the one of Travis sticking his tongue out.
You should post these at the forum.

Sophie101 said...

this is a cute picture!!!

Gina said...

I love Goldens so much, and I desperately miss mine, even though it has been 11 years. Our next dog will definitely be a Golden. I have never known one that was not awesome. I'll have to take a photo of mr b's father's day present to show you.