Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rules, why have them?

Seriously, why have rules when they never get enforced? This applies to so many things in life, but right now, it applies totally to nail competitions. One of the reasons that I quit competing years ago was rampant cheating and model thievery. Things got a little better through the years and I was talked into giving it another try. I guess some things never change.

While in Orlando, in both competitions, people were still working on their models after the briefing, even though the RULES state that you can't touch after briefing. My model actually had to call out the cheaters to officials. One particular competitor was doing it in both competitions. A competitor behind me asked when does that become grounds for disqualification. I agree with her. One warning is enough, come on, the rules were read to you just minutes before. If you do it repeatedly, your ass should be out. Period.

What is really chapping my ass right now is the fact that the rules specifically state that in art competitions that NO FLOWERS in any design. Yet I see pictures of the second and third place winners and what do I see? FLOWERS! Second place had 20 flowers, encompassing 2 of 10 nails and featured a Flower Shop in the design. Third place had five roses on five nails that is HALF of the design.

So word is that they got a 5 point deduction. WOW how generous. It should be 5 points per infraction, no, actually it should be disqualification. A rule is a rule and if you don't abide by it, it is considered CHEATING plain and simple. Cheating is grounds for disqualification.

My entry didn't make the top ten, yet I followed the rules and those that didn't made the top ten. Now I am not saying that my entry should have been in the top 10, but it should have been ranked before the rule breakers. Come on, how many Miss America's have you ever seen without a bouquet of roses? Answer? ONE the one I painted that followed the NO FLOWERS rule.

It's time for Nailpro to take a stand and enforce the rules. There should be no grey area. A rule is a rule. Enforce it. Enforce all of them. Giving points deductions here and there is a slap in the face to the competitors that abide by the rules, while you are rewarding those that wave their finger in the air to the rules.

Peace out!


profiles girlzz said...

AMEN SISTA!! i'd like to add the DEBAUCHERY of design sculpts in orlando.... hand painting that was allowed in design sculpts, (WE WERE TOLD NO!! , when we emailed jewell) but i guess if you didn't ask, then you were allowed. thats UNFAIR!! should have announced it at the briefing. (ESPECIALLY since some of your competitors were asking, it should have been addressed!!) we changed up almost ALL our designs to accommodate the RULES. and why was a TOP VETERAN's "dusted-off-entered-so-many-times" flower designs not DISQUALIFIED in vegas fantasy art?! seriously?! why waste ANYONES time even judging them?! instead you disqualified a lava lamp design. flowers should have been the ones to go. ...since the rules said NO FLOWERS. not, "flowers will receive a 5 pt deduction" ... or how about the 3rd place veteran (another TOP DOG) fantasy nail art that COULDN'T even move all ten fingers separately... that was a rule too. and can we threaten to drill into some of these built up figures in fantasy nail art?? more than a few of us suspect that some of our fellow competitors are simply "covering" plastic action figures with acrylic. come on!! as a competitor in fantasy art for TEN years, i know what i'm talking about. and if i thought that my figures MIGHT be drilled into (or LOL, amputated) to see whats underneath them (meaning they BETTER be solid acrylic or gel) ... i would certainly think twice before i CHEATED and used a plastic GI JOE and covered it with acrylic.

we PERSONALLY put $1500 into competing this year, in orlando, another $400 into vegas. we sponsored all of our girls. in this economy, THATS ALOT OF MONEY!! i'm tired of nudging new competitors to try it, and then they are just feeling let down!

SO frustrated... GRrrrrr

Gina said...

This kind of thing pisses me off. But sadly it happens everywhere.

Sophie101 said...

I could not agree with you more on the rules thing. I don't know very much about nail competitions but I know that in life, too often rules are NOT followed. It's something I have griped about for years. Hope you are well.