Thursday, March 5, 2009

Furry visitors to The Purple Pinkie!

We get lots of doggie visitors at The Purple Pinkie. I keep saying that I need to get a cookie jar and fill it with doggie treats for all of our guests. I also need to start getting photos with all of them. I started with one of those goals yesterday. We had two furry visitors!

This is Marley, he is the newest member of the Turek family. He came to visit me one day, but I had already left for derby practice. I had to settle for a cell phone photo of his visit. He came yesterday and is a little spitfire of energy at four months old.

This is Bandit, Kim Fox's PBGB. Don't ask me to tell you what that stands for, I screw it up every time. I even practiced yesterday. Bandit is a regular visitor. To me, a PBGP looks like what you would get if an old English sheepdog and a basset hound had a baby!

Stay tuned for future guest photos! I really need to get a photo of Daisy the Yorkie. She's been visiting The Purple Pinkie the longest, with her little pink sweaters!


YD said...

That's nice that you get doggie visitors! It's always fun seeing them.
I'm glad that we are allow to bring our dogs to work(but not on a regular basis).

Bob said...

Way to Go Rhonda !!! You need a big sign in the front window "THIS SHOP IS PET FRIENDLY"