Thursday, March 19, 2009


My boys love their Kongs. They love them empty and they especially love them with peanut butter in them. They will stay busy for hours with a PB Kong.

Travis arrived at our house with his own, smaller blue Kong. About six months later, we couldn't find it. I searched everywhere. I figured he took it outside and another dog snatched it. Well, I moved the bed last weekend to look for something and I found it under the bed, under the head board! Travis hasn't let it out of his site yet!

Kongs - make for happy dogs!


YD said...

Something about those kongs...dogs just love them. Do they fall asleep with kongs in their mouth?
My Samantha loves her kong. She would chew/play with it even if it's empty and she falls asleep with it in her mouth. June will play with hers when she's in the mood to play.

The Purple Pinkie said...

They are always sleeping with "something" in their mouth. I think they find comfort in it.