Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was gorgeous. One chore I really hate is cleaning the pond every spring. I used to winterize my little pond, when I had fish in it, but that only lasted one winter. After that, the fish came in the house for the winter and never went back. Each spring, now, I am left with a pond that is full of rotting leaves, which smell horrible when you take them out.

I usually start by netting the leaves out of the pond onto a garbage bag. I then use the pump to pump the water out.
I then retrieve all of the rocks that have fallen. I then add fresh water, and flush the pond out again. Then it is time to fill it up for good!

It takes about a day for the water to settle and clear totally. The boys are always interested in the pond. I think they like to hear the water trickle.

My little garden oasis is well on it's way to spring. I will spend a lot of time out here in the spring and summer months.


YD said...

That's a nice little pond. Have the boys ever went in for a dip? I know if Samantha is there, she would totally go in for a dip.

The Purple Pinkie said...

Last summer, I was playing ball with Travis and throwing it into his blow up pool. Well, I throw like a girl and I accidentaly threw it in the pond and he went in after it. That was the only time. Riley is too prissy to get wet!