Friday, March 27, 2009

The List of Five

I was an avid Friends fan. One of my favorite concepts from this show was the List of Five and my friends and I have had a list ever since. We've had some fun times adding people. We've also had fun demoting people. I remember when Mel Gibson got the boot after his DUI arrest and that awful mugshot.

The basic idea of the list is that you can make a list of five celebrities that given the chance of a hook up, you got the okay to go for it from your significant other. Obviously, there is usually no chance in hell the situation will ever come up.

Anywhoo, it has come to my attention, that my list hasn't been updated in awhile. Since it is spring, I am spring cleaning my list. Some are new, some have moved up or down the ladder, but here is my current list.

5 - Patrick Dempsey - I think it's his eyes or maybe his scruffiness.

4 - Johnny Depp - It's the dark side, the bad boy, the dirty boy.

3 - Johhny Reznik - I'll admit, it's the hair.

2 - Jon Bon Jovi - Jon has been on the list since the beginning, however, he has been dethroned.

1 - Lenny Kravitz - Lenny earned the top position on the list a few years ago after "the dream". I've always been a fan of his music and thought the man just oozed sex. But the morning I woke up after having "the dream", I was like, "WOW, Lenny!"

So, who is on your list?


Anonymous said...

My list ....
1. John Bongiovi
2. Jon Bon Jovi
3. John Bongiovi
4. Jon Bon Jovi
5. John Bongiovi

...LOL ...

YD said...

Hey, stay away from Jon Bon Jovi! He's mine!

I have a list too, hubby calls them my boyfriends. He's got his own list too. He loves Jennifer Love Hewitt(not the younger her from when she was a teen star but the older more mature her from The Ghost Whisperer) and one day he said to me: "Hon, sorry to tell you this but I would cheat on you with her."

Anonymous said...

so i listed mine.. go to:

Anonymous said...

so i listed mine.. go to: