Friday, October 31, 2008

Reuben's Grave - Urban Legend

After writing about Grunt's Leg, I tried to think of any other urban legends I knew of in the area. The only other one I could think of was Reuben's Grave. I have never been there, remember, I am a fraidy cat. I could not remember the stories from my youth, so I posted a note on Facebook for people to help me out. Kris (Grafton) Shunk helped me out by providing the story.

Reuben, a teenager but exact age unknown, decided to kill himself -- but before doing so, he wrote his own epitaph: "What you are now I once was. What I am now you will be." He rode his white horse to a tree near the cemetery where he's now buried, put a noose around his neck, looped the rope around a tree branch, and kicked the horse away. If visitors to the cemetery at night see a
white horse on the hillside, they will die a horrible death. There are some accounts that the horse has flaming red eyes -- like that of the devil.

So, I just headed out and tried to find the cemetery. Mr. Bruises gave me directions and he was going from memory. He hasn't been there since he was a teen. I am not sure if I found the cemetery or not. It seemed like it could be it, however, I couldn't find the monument. Chances are it's been stolen or destroyed through the years. I took a photo anyway, I saw a tree that could possibly be "the" tree.

Some of you may not know, but for about eight years of my life, I designed cemetery memorials. I used to be obsessed with cemeteries. I loved to look at the differing artwork from region to region. So, I called my former boss to see if he could help me find the cemetery and the grave. We are working on it. When I do find it, I will post an updated photo.

Thank you Kris for the story! Happy Halloween to everyone!


Sophie101 said...

what cemetary is it supposed to be at?

The Purple Pinkie said...

Well, I am not certain. Mr. Bruises said it was out Guthrie Road, at the Y make a right then up the road on the left is a barn and the road to the cemetery is to the side of the barn and it's about 50 yards off the road.

I've visited a cemetery that could have been it. I was also sent to one on Little Germany road and was at the Heilman Church Cemetery and still can't find it. It is possible that the monument is gone.

Burgh Baby said...

How exactly does one evolve from gravestone designer to nail goddess? You must explain this!

Erin said...

Take me with you!

Anonymous said...

The particular graveyard shown in the picture is on Little Germany Road, visible from my home. There is also an old schoolhouse down the road at the intersection of Little Germany and Campbell Run Rd that we would often look in after hearing stories that paranormal events had occured there as well. The schoolhose is usually locked up by its owner and is watched by the neighbors so I would recommend viewing it only from the outside. I've spent quite a bit of time at both sites taking photos and audio recordings and up until now have found nothing.

Tiffany Harkleroad said...

Hubby and I went to the cemetery this week. Reuben's grave has no stone, but I did take a photo of his parents' stone which is right next to his grave, according to an old guy who works for Burrell Township.