Sunday, January 25, 2009

My new talent!

I found a new talent that I had on Thursday night, that I didn't know I had. While getting geared up for derby practice, someone asked me what size shoe I wore, to which I replied a 5 1/2. See, I have small feet and small hands, I'm just no longer small in between.

Someone then told me that they knew someone with small hands that was able to put their entire fist in their mouth. She told me that she thought I could. So, I tried. And I can. The first time I did it, I actually had wrist guards on and my mouthguard it. It was much easier without both.

Now before anyone makes the comment that I have a big mouth, I don't have a big mouth, I have small hands! I know, you are sitting here thinking that's not hard. Go ahead, try it. Not everyone can do this.

I will add this to hanging four spoons off of my face and imitating a chicken. I am taking my show on the road soon.


Anonymous said...

You are just way too talented I must say! I am truly impressed! Any more you would like to share?

Burgh Baby said...

You are immensely talented. Wow!

erin said...

You're a freak, Rhonda! And I do love me some freaks.