Monday, January 5, 2009

Past Punta Cana Memories

So, Mr. Bruises and I are heading to Punta Cana today. We were last there in November 2004 and we loved it.

My favorite memory of Punta Cana is of Mr. Bruises discovering Tortilla Soup. He found it the first day and became addicted to it. He ate a bowl everyday from the buffet. On the last day, he discovered that for a week, he had been eating bowls of spaghetti sauce!

Now, I am not innocent of food stupidity. I accidentally ate beef tongue because I can't read Spanish. I thought I was getting beef tips since they were next to rice and gravy. Mr. Bruises knew what it was and watched in amazement as I ate it and really did not like what was in my mouth. He wouldn't tell me for some time what I had put in my mouth.

Here's to some new food adventures. I doubt if I will have Internet access. I will take lots of photos and write about our adventures as soon as I can!


Burgh Baby said...

Have a great time!

OlRedHair said...

Have fun. Is Punta Cana in Mexico?

onyxkeeper said...

you dog!!!!! have a great time, girly!!!! cant wait to see the pics :)

YD said...

Have fun!