Saturday, January 16, 2010

Give me Habib any day!

People bitch about calling customer service or tech support for companies and taking to some dude in India, usually named Habib.  This past week, I was amazed that I was speaking with Americans when calling Discover Card to report some fraud on my account.

It started last with with an early morning call from Dell.  Habib, on the phone asked to verify if I had purchased a television online that morning.  I replied no.  He asked me a few other questions and verified that that someone was using my Discover Card number online to purchase things.  He told me to call Discover.

I called Discover and get an American woman.  I tell her the situation and she asks me if I purchase things online with my card.  I replied yes.  She tells me, that's how this happened.  You shouldn't buy things online with your credit card.  WTF?!  I informed her that this is 2010 and I would say that 85% of my purchases are made online.  She finds the charge and tells me that they are going to have to close out my account and I will get a new card in the mail within 3-5 working days.  She then explains that there is zero percent liability on fraud, which I already knew from working in a credit union.  She then tries to sell me their Fraud Protection plan for $9.95 a month.  I asked her if she had not just explained to me that there is zero percent liability and she agreed and I asked her why the hell would I pay for this service when I don't need it?  Crickets......

So, fast forward to this week.  I have to make some supply purchases.  I get an email from one company that said that my card was declined.  I call the Discover automated number and nearly flip my wig when I am told that I have a $97 available balance.  This should be THOUSANDS more.  So I call them again.  This time, I get an American guy.  He can't seem to understand what I am telling him.  He reads me my balance and my pending charges and he still can't grasp the fact that when you add them all together and subtract from my credit limit that it should be several thousands of dollars more.

Finally he realizes that the first girl closed my account as a lost or stolen card and didn't mark it as fraud.  So, even though I had a new card, authorizations were still coming in on the old card.  Since it is closed, those charges were not being put through BUT the amounts were all still adding up and taking away from my available balance.  He informed me that he can have this flagged as fraud and that my available balance would be freed up in 4-6 days.  UNACCEPTABLE!  I informed him that this should have been taken care of a week ago and I am not waiting another week.  I demanded to speak to a supervisor.  He said he would transfer me once he read me something. 

He started to tell me that he was marking my new account as fraud, which would CLOSE OUT this new account, which is two days old and I flipped on him.  From this point, he started arguing with me.  I asked six times to be connected with a supervisor, I have a witness that was sitting there during the entire conversation.  He kept arguing with me and I kept telling him I am done with him and wanted a supervisor.  He put me on hold.  For a long time.  I was beginning to believe he wasn't going to transfer me, but he did.

I got nice American girl number two.  Finally, three Americans and I get a good one.  She quickly figured out that I now have THREE plasma TV purchases and other things that are being held against my available balance.  She said that it will be freed up within 24 hours.  I asked her why the previous dipshit couldn't do that and wanted to close out my card and she said she would check into it.  I asked her if they tape these phone calls and she replied yes.  I told her to go back and review the conversation and the fact that I had to ask six times to speak with her all while being argued with and talked to in a condescending manner.

I then asked why my account was classified as lost or stolen when it was obviously fraud.  Come one, the first dipshit tried to sell me their FRAUD protection.  She couldn't say why, but again, said she would look into it.

So, it looks as though Habib is the only one actually doing his job.  Actually, he went above and beyond the call of duty since he let me know within 32 minutes of someone purchasing TV number one with my card online.  It's sad that "most" Americans working in customer service, that I have experienced are lazy asses that don't do their jobs and then they want to sit there and bitch and complain that Habib has taken their job.  HELLO!

Give me Habib any day!

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