Monday, January 11, 2010

The Infamous Green Sticker

Well, here it is folks, the infamous green sticker on my mother's name plate, outside her door that is supposed to make me STOP and take warning that there is an infectious disease in the room.  Oh, look and it's times two!

First, it's yellow, not green.  Second, it is approximately three inches by one inch, which REALLY stands out.  Finally, walking down the hall, when I was leaving, I noticed that very few name plates DO NOT have these stickers or some other type of sticker.

This sticker is pre-printed with the word "PRECAUTIONS" on it.  It then has "See Nurse" hand written on it.  That's it.  Smack me silly and call me a dumb shit, but I think this is very minimal at best.  Sad thing, they are compliant with the law.

It seems as though they were totally complient in all areas.  They DO NOT have to call me if my mother says not to, even if she is saying "Don't call her, she's not home, she's on vacation".  See my mom is still in the frame of mind that we are all tied to a land line at the house.  She doesn't understand that I have my cell phone with me at all times. 

No offense, but a six year old would have figured out what she meant, that she didn't want them to call me because I was on vacation and not home.  She did not mean that she DIDN'T WANT ME TO KNOW!  So, to rectify this situation and to prevent it from happening in the future, the social worker and I talked to her together and we have it marked in her file that mom wants me to know everything.  Always.

I really wish the government would stay the hell out of my relationship with my mother and let me provide and oversee her care without their stupid bullshit laws.  Now I know how the gays and lesbians feel.

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Sophie101 said...

Does she still have the MRSA? You know it's really not as bad as everyone thinks...My husband took care of my toe, etc. before we even knew I had MRSA in my toe and he never got it. But hospitals, nursing homes, and places of such nature do have to take extra precautions because it is a law by the Health Department. (I found this out in my research) lol!