Monday, January 4, 2010

Heather's Wedding

BFF Jill and I drove to Big Run, PA for Heather and Stan’s wedding, this past Saturday. Thank goodness we took Jill’s Jeep because we needed the four wheel drive. It was snowing like crazy.

We stopped in Punxsutawney, on the way, and went and saw Phil and Phyllis. They were all curled up in a ball, nice and snuggly, oblivious to the 19 degrees that it was outside. I got some stares, wearing a party dress, with a winter coat and purple UGG boots, but hey, I like to cause a scene.

So, once we are at the wedding, it is apparent that we are over dressed. Some came in jeans, flannels and camo hats. BFF Jill and I were apparently high-falutin, city folk in Jefferson County.

The highlight of the wedding reception was the fire sirens going off. Doesn’t that happen at EVERY reception? We just sat back and watched all the firemen either chug their beer or take them with them as they rushed out of the door.

I guess they need to change the sign now, huh?

It was a beautiful wedding and reception and we wish Heather and Stan a life time of happiness!

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