Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keep Smiling!

Well, it's been snowing for days. I am not exaggerating. I seriously can’t remember a day when it hasn’t snowed. I am really trying hard not to get into my “I F’N hate this weather and I am going nowhere and doing nothing” mood.

I took the boys for a romp out in the snow yesterday. I took two pink balls out with us. I thought that they would be easy to see in the snow. Riley is naughty. He wants to fetch the ball and he does, but he will just drop it anywhere, it’s like he as ADD. So….only one ball came back with us.

Look how happy he looks! Both Travis and Riley LOVE the snow. They get all frisky, jumping up and kicking their back legs in the air like a bronco. I am “trying” to share their joy. Trying.

I will be putting on my boxing gloves in two hours. I will be attending my mothers Care Plan Meeting. Usually, I go and get updates. This time will be different, I have a list of things that I need answers for.

I am going take the lead of the ever-so-wise Dory and “Just keep swimming” and add to it “Just keep smiling!”


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

They are such happy boys! My girls love the snow as well.
Good luck at the meeting. Put your mean face on!

Lily said...

Rhonda I just love that photo! That big Golden smile and his soft fur covered in snowflakes..........gorgeous!
I would so love to have my 2 experience your snowfalls just once. I guess you guys are so fed up with it after watching our news and seeing what heavy snowfalls have fallen in the US and UK, but for now I'm just envious!
Hoping your mums care plan meeting goes okay!