Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Punta Cana - We're here!

We have arrived at the Grand Bahia Principe in Punta Cana. This place is enormous. I will admit, we were both a little overwhelmed when we got here due to the size of the place. After getting a snack, Mr. Bruises went to an orientation and walked around while I took a much needed nap. I felt much better after he woke me up and he felt much better after getting a feel for the place and learning the lay of the land.

The beach is so far away, however, they do have these little trams that take you to an from the beach. We just need to get into our routine and we will be fine.

I swear, no matter where you stay, the food is the same. I predict that I will be living on the “P Diet” again this year: Pineapple, Pizza, Pasta, Pepsi and Pina Coladas. We did get reservations at the three restaurants that we wanted, turns out they already had us booked for the Italian and Mexican, so we added the Japanese Steakhouse.

This place is 10 steps up from the Riu Resorts where we have always stayed. It’s OMG luxurious. The bathroom is to die for and our room is huge. There is something going on everywhere. We have our own little mall. We don’t have the bar in our room with the liquor hanging upside down with dispensers, but that’s okay, because Mr. Bruises insisted on bringing his own huge bottle of coconut rum for us and I am glad that he did.

The little fridge only had two Pepsis, two waters and two beers in it. While searching for an ice machine, I found a closet and helped myself to a case of Pepsi. Hey, it’s free and I am just helping the maid out by not having to bring us stuff for our rum. You should have seen Mr. Bruises face when I walked in the room with it.

I am typing this without Internet. I am going tonight to rent the wireless card. I have to take the laptop with me and they install something on it and I will be able to use my laptop in the room, in the lobby and at the pools. I only need it for in the morning, when I blog and in the evening to check email and upload photos and videos. I am a little concerned that they may load something onto my computer that I don’t want on there, however, I feel that if they do, I will be able to remove it later and I really don’t keep anything personal on here like credit card numbers and such.

We are going to be off for our first beach adventure soon. I have the Flip Cam all charged up for the Mr. Speedo Hell No 2010 pageant.

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