Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Computer Issues

Well, I am having them once again! Back in December, all of a sudden, my DSL quit working. My ISP was able to ping my modem and everything looked fine, but I couldn't pull anything up. So they sent me a new modem. Still nothing. My ISP sent a technician. Nothing. So finally Windstream sent a tech. She couldn't get it to work either, iniatially. I then heard her on the phone. She then came out of my office and was all "It works" like it was working all this time. I am not stupid. I know she had someone fix something on their end when she called.

Fast forward to last Tuesday, it quit again. Same story. Same bullshit. Finally on Saturday, I was able to connect, however the DSL connection is SLOW, slower than dial up AND, I can't pull up 65% of websites. Sites like yahoo, google, paypal, ebay, mapques, hotmail, all the big ones, I can't pull up. I have to dial up to do that. I am on dial up now, because that is the only way to post to my blog.

I have decided, that after over ten years, I am leaving my ISP and telling Windstream to suck the big one. I only kept a phone line to keep my ISP. Well, after going a week with no call back. Then staying home all day, yesterday, waiting for them to call back, like they promised twice, I am finished.

I know it's the lesser of two evils, but we are going to go with Comcast. In my area, those are the two choices. It sucks that I will have a new email address after all this time and I have to work on moving my websites. It will be worth it in the long run. Some businesses just don't appreciate loyal customers. After awhile, it is no longer loyalty, it's downight abuse.

I hope to be posting regularly soon!

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