Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The patient is resting comfortably.

Travis got neutered and had his eye surgery on Monday. His left, lower eye lid curled in, causing the little eyelash hairs to rub on his eye. They had to cut the extra skin off and do a tuck to pull the skin tight so that the eyelid would lay flat like it should.

I was warned before I picked him up that it was worse than the originally thought and that he was pretty swollen. He also developed a large hematoma on the lid, so he was pretty rough looking. I was told to put cold compresses on the eye to help reduce the swelling and that it would look better in a couple of days.

I won't post a photo of him here yet, it's too graphic. I am posting, however, a great photo of him resting with his compress on. I just feel so bad when I look at him. I know it's going to give him more comfort in the long run, but it just sucks to see him like this!


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Oh poor baby...I understand how you feel that it sucks to see him like this. I feel so helpless when my dogs are in pain. I hope Travis make a speedy recovery. Please give him lots of hugs.

Tucker Furguy said...

Travis is such a beautiful color.

I can understand you feeling sad about seeing him like he is right now but it is going to be great when he heals up and won't have to put up with the irritation and pain.

Wags and furry-armed hugs,
Tucker FurGuy

~Kammie~ said...

ah poor baby! he looks so sad and helpless :O(