Saturday, August 16, 2008

The soft collar finally came!

A week before Travis' surgery, I ordered him a soft collar so that he wouldn't have to wear an Elizabethan Collar (cone). With him having eye surgery and getting neutered, I needed to not only keep him from licking his stitches but also keep him from pawing at his eye.

Well, four days AFTER surgery and 11 days AFTER ordering, it finally came in the mail. Since he had destroyed the foam one I made for him, I left him collarless on Friday only to find his stitches red from licking when I got home. I was happy to finally see the soft collar as well.

This is a great product! It does everything I needed it to do. It is also very sturdy and pretty much Travis destructible proof! I would recommend, however, if anyone is going to purchase one of these to go with a distributor instead of ordering directly. This company was slow to ship and did not return my four phone calls and two emails. VERY poor customer service, in my opinion.

Riley shows what he thinks of Travis getting all this attention!!

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