Thursday, August 14, 2008

Travis is progressing

Travis is healing quite nicely. Yesterday, was my first day back to work. I was concerned about Travis getting riled up during the day and wrestling with Riley or jumping on the bed. So I decided to segregate the house and them.

The plan was to have the baby gate separate the house, letting Riley enjoy the back part since he loves to sleep on the bed and put Travis in the front, where there wasn't much for him to get into trouble with. So, I got the baby gate in place, dogs are segregated and nosing each other over the gate. I go to change my clothes and when I turned around, Travis was behind me. HE JUMPED THE GATE with his stitches! Holy crap!

I took the gate down and told them to behave themselves while I was at work and closed the bedroom doors so he couldn't jump on the beds. I am telling you, this dog is going to medal in dock diving at Goldstock. He jumped that gate without a running start with stitches where his goodies used to be. I've been checking the area constantly, it looks fine. I was so worried that he would rip something or pull stitches loose. STINKER!!!

I finally feel I can post a photo here. I just wished I would have taken the photo this morning BEFORE I put his eye salve on. The salve always makes it look so yucky, but it makes it feel better for him. It's healing nice. All the crusty stuff and old blood is finally cleaned off. The stitches look nice. The hemotoma is still there, going down slowly. But all in all, I think he looks great for three days after surgery.

Don't you just LOVE his Golden Spirit??!?

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~Kammie~ said...

he needs a lottle pirate eye patch! argh!