Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Dolls Rock the Crashbah!

Congratulations to The Wrecking Dolls, they defeated The Slumber Party Slashers last night and earned themselves a spot in the Championship. The Battle Royale will be held on September 20 and The Dolls will take on The Bitch Doctors for the second league title.

I really felt that Scary Schiavo and Tower of Terror (Pictured hugging Madame Abagael) played an awesome game. I found myself continually yelling their name, reacting to their play.

Congratulations to the rookies, who played their first bout. Auntie Establishment, Iron City Pounder, Mission Impassable and Oxy Cotton Candy for the Dolls and Paula Maul-U and Shocker for the Slashers. Those sitting on the Dolls side were treated to bags of cotton candy, in honor of Oxy's debut. She not only jammed for the Dolls, but she performed the National Anthem with her sister, playing the violin and viola.

Be sure to catch the Championship!

Photo courtesy of Cameo Steph

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