Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!

In 1972, I attended the Easter Egg Hunt in the Ford City Park. I was the first child to find at least a dozen of eggs, so I got my picture on the front page of The Leader Times. We always think that it's funny, when looking at this newspaper clipping that not only do they list my entire name, they give my address as well. This would never happen today.

Yesterday, I drove past the park and saw that they were set up for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. I was appalled! There were roped in areas and eggs just laying everywhere. Where is the fun in that? In 1972, you actually had to HUNT for eggs. They were in bushes, trees, behind benches, etc. They weren't just scattered around for everyone to step on.

My most vivid memory of that spring day in 1972 was when I "thought" I found a malted milk egg. I figured that they hid those as well as hard-boiled. I thought I would sneak and eat it. Well, imagine my surprise when I realized it was a Robin's egg. At that age, I didn't realize that robins have blue eggs. I saw a little egg and it was colored, so it had to be candy right? Wrong!


Burgh Baby said...

Um, ick. I can't even imagine biting into a robin's egg!

Sophie101 said...

that's so true about the address listed in the paper! can't do things like that now a days.