Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bunny Cake!

From the time I started dating Mr. Bruises 21 years ago, his mom always had a bunny cake at Easter. A local bakery made them. They stopped making them the last two Easter's that we had with her. Last year, was our first Easter without her. I found a similar cake at WalMart. This year, I decided to try to make one.

One box cake mix will make two cakes. I am going to Sue With the Big Boob's house today and I thought her boys and the rest of the Girls Night Out gals might enjoy the other one!

It's really easy. Make a cake mix as directed and bake in either 8 or 9 inch round pans. Cool, invert and ice in the middle, making a double layer cake.

Cut the cake in half, place one half of the cake, on the cut end, on your plate or platter. Cut a small triangle about two inches up and four inches in. Use that small triangle to make the tail.

I took one can of frosting per bunny cake and mixed in three ounces of softened cream cheese. I then iced the entire bunny.
I then pressed coconut into the icing. Leftover coconut was placed in a plastic bag with two drops of food coloring and shook. The green coconut was put around the cake to look like grass.

I then cut out ears from cardstock and shaded the middles pink and put them on the bunny. Eyes and nose were made from jelly beans and more jelly beans were scattered on the grass.

So, after I had both cakes finished last night, Travis licked the face off of one of the bunnies. I had to cut half of it's head off and guess what? Mr. Bruises is getting that piece because he sat there and watched him do it!

You still have plenty of time to make a Bunny Cake for Easter! This didn't take long at all!


Burgher said...

I love travis! (the cakes are cute too!)

YD said...

That's a pretty cake! Good job Travis! Mr Bruises probably encouraged Travis to do it!

Sophie101 said...

it's cute!!!

Amber said...

I am so going to make one of those next year! That's a great cake!