Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take Your Child to Work Day!

Hi everyone! It's Riley, guest blogging today. I got to do something today, I've never done before, something that Mom has been talking about doing for years! I got to go to work with her today! See, today was Take Your Child to Work Day. Since Mom doesn't have two legged kids, and since the newspaper made a big deal about her having four legged kids, she decided she should take me to work with her instead!

She was real sneaky about it too. I was in my normal position, laying in the bathroom doorway, pouting, while she was getting ready for work. When it was time for Travis and I to go potty for the last time before she left for work, I noticed that I smelled peanut butter when I came back in. I was a little miffed when I realized that Travis was getting a Kong with peanut butter in it. I was about to pout some more, when Mom opened the door, leading to the basement. Oh boy! I was getting to go in the car without Travis!

Mom gave me an official tour of the salon when we arrived. I then went to work being the official greeter for the day. Boy, word got around fast that I was at the salon. Ford City is a small town and in no time, people were coming in with treats for me! Mom said that those are tips! One nice lady was early and actually took me outside for my break. I only got in trouble once when I was barking at the tractor trailer trucks going down the road.

All in all, salon work is tiring. I am now qualified to become a WalMart greeter. I think I will stick to being a dog, though. I hope that next year Travis is still a douchebag so that he has to stay home and I get to go to work again!

XOXO Riley


Kris said...

Riley, you should blog more often! Woof!

Your pal,
Murphy (using his mom's computer)

YD said...


We agree with your friend Murphy that you should blog more often. Maybe if you whine to your mommy more often she'll give in. That's exactly what we did, now we get Fridays to blog.
We are glad that you got to go to work with your mom. We love going to work with mommy.
Have a wonderwoof weekend!

Samantha & June