Monday, April 20, 2009

Planet of the Skate

Saturday night, was my second bout with the B-Unit. We played the Queen City Rollers from Buffalo, NY. It was a hard-hitting, nail biter until the end. It came down to the last jam in which we lost by 2 points. This team, however, was their All-Star team. They are not a WFTDA team, so The Steel Hurtin' should have played them, but it wouldn't have counted for rankings. So, in essence, we played an "A" team and pretty much kicked ass! Way to go B-Unit!

This was my first time playing with former teammate Maida Steel, as well as Helen Fire and Lollipop. I just love Maida's game face.

Cameo Steph has provides us with awesome photos at almost every bout. Sometimes, it kills me to see photos of myself. My form sucks. I "think" I am getting low and wide, but look at my legs, they are so close together. I guess it's all those years of catholic school and being told to keep your legs together.

Goal for this month, get low, get wide and make sure I am actually doing it.

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