Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Derby Girls Get Clean!

Well, I can't speak for all derby girls, but I can speak for THIS derby girl. When I get home from practice, I stink! My wrists and elbow (and probably my knees) smell like really bad potato salad. Anyhoo, I shower as soon as I get home. Last night, I tried a new indulgence and OMG. Heaven!

You will recall, a couple of weeks ago, Jill and I were in Lawrenceville and we happened upon a wonderful soap store with an awesome display in their window. We didn't stop in that day and I didn't even get the name of the business. We did, however, stop in on Saturday!

When we walked into Jay Design We were immediately greeted by Silvie the cat. Her counterpart, Larry was manning the cash register. I personally feel that all businesses should have a shop animal. I am going to have a tag for all those I encounter kind of like I do the Bathroom Tour.

I ended up choosing three bars of soap: Tutti Fruiti, Limone and Pear Lavender. I used the Limone last night and OMG I was totally in heaven. I smell like a girl again!

I was sent home with this great package that just happens to be my favorite colors. If you are in the area, be sure to stop this little slice of heaven and tell Larry I said "Hi!"


Anonymous said...

lol. I tried the Limone this morning also smells really good. I was worried that it was going to dry out my skin but was pleasently surprised when it didnt. j

Burgh Baby said...

Potato salad? How do you end up smelling like really bad potato salad? LOL!

The Purple Pinkie said...

It's coming from my pads. Our pads end up smelling kind of like vinegar. A very sour smell. Some describe it as dirty feet smell or smells like ass. I think it smells like rotten potato salad! LOL It's definately time to wash the pads! Funny thing, the wrists smell the worst!