Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Conception Day to me!!!!

April 30, 1966, my mother and father married. Nine months, to the day, January 30, 1967, I was born. My mother always told me that I was conceived on their wedding night. Right............ Anywho, I've always made a joke out of it. I was on a cruise once during that date and my friends had the waiters sing "Happy Conception Day" to me. It was a welcome change from the constant Happy Birthday, Happy Wedding Day, Happy Anniversary songs that they had been singing every night at dinner. I tell you, the place went silent when they started singing. People were like "What are they singing?!"

I have a couple of good friends that share this day with me as their birthday, Kara and Steph. Another special lady was born this day as well. Happy Birthday Nancy, I miss you!


Bob said...

Sheila and I were married less than two months later, June 4 1966.
"Happy Conception Day" we love it !!!!

Kris said...

Yay! Gotta love it. BTW, your mom is beautiful.

Kris said...

Oh, and I recognize that church -- St. Mary's !!

red pen mama said...

This sound suspiciously like my story -- my parents married in April 1970, and I came along in January 1971. I was a honeymoon baby. And knowing my mother, I really was.