Thursday, April 9, 2009

Negative Nellies and Jackasses

Okay, I finally figured out what is going on lately. I guess it's the full moon again. The Jackasses and Negative Nellies are out in force. So lets clear some things up and make them known.....

If you ask for help, be open to suggestions. Don't shoot down every suggestion that someone gives you, this makes you a Jackass. If you think you know it all, why did you even ask for suggestions?

If you have a stong opinion on something, please make sure that your opinion actually makes sense. Making claims about things that are just plain false or are caused by your own stupid errors makes you a look like a Jackass.

When you tell stories about experiences and you focus only on the bad things, or perhaps you feel that only bad things happen to you and you insist on sharing them, this makes you a Negative Nelly. No one wants to be around you you bring us down.

If you are constantly cutting people up, putting down ideas or just being negative all the time, this not only makes you a Negative Nelly, but a Jackass as well.

Now that we have cleared this all up, please stop being so negative and acting like a jackass. Spring is coming! It's time to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow. someone pee'd in your cheerios this morning. hahahaha