Friday, September 19, 2008

The Bus Stop Chronicles

There are numerous school buses that stop in front of my salon. My salon has been open for four and a half years now. As the years have gone by, the parents bringing their children to the bus stop and picking them up have gotten out of hand.

Last year, it was really starting to get bad. They would block the parking lot, litter and on some mornings, just lay around and bullshit into the afternoon, sometimes to the point were customers of the isurance agency next door had to STEP OVER THEM.

This year, their behavior hit the maximum of annoying. The first week of school was two days in when the salon was open our normal days of Wednesday through Saturday. That Wednesday, at noon, the parking lot was blocked so that neither my client nor I could get in. At 3:00 that day, we witnessed a truck pull in behind every car in our full parking lot, pull forward and back up NINE times to let people into or out of the parking lot.

The next day, I literally got dirty looks when someone had to move to let me into MY parking lot and did the same to my client. That was it. I called the School District and the bus company and officially had the bus stop moved to down the street. It is a small intersection with PLENTY of parking.

Well, one mother, who has a kindergartner that is the only child on one bus kept coming to her normal spot and the bus driver would come to her. Now this wouldn't be an issue if she parked like a normal person and every other car - vertically. No, she parks horizontally, blocking three of the five spaces we have and hindering the ability for people to get in and access the other two spots.

So, yesterday, I very nicely asked her if she could move her car and she totally copped an attitude with me. I am sorry, bus stop people, but you are literally "guests" on the property that I pay rent for. Please respect that property and respect me.

So, I promptly informed the bus company and the School District that the A-9 bus is not complying. So, bus stop people, take your cars, your beer bottles, Mountain Dew, Pop Tarts, Sheetz Schmuffins and move your ass to the intersection of Main and Manor Drive. Oh, and leave your attitude in your car.


Hatgal said...

Holy crap. You go girl. Next time I would just call the police on them. Power to the childless women!

Crazymomma said...

I absolutely loved this blog! *lol* You sound SO much like me!

Kris said...

LOVE it! You go, girl!