Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Travis comes home a winner!

We are home from Goldstock and exhausted! Travis won the title of Sweetest Boy with $555 votes! Thank you to everyone who voted!

His competition was tough, a senior, Irish, at 16 years of age, with an awesome Mom, Laurie, who's been through this a time or two. Somehow we pulled it off! All in all, everyone is a winner, since money was raised for rescue. Irish is totally Sweetest Boy in his Mom's eyes. Aren't they all Sweetest?

Travis competed in the Olympics and brought home a Bronze medal in Righteous Retrieving, Puppy Division. He swam for the first time and is a natural. We all had a great time visiting and meeting new friends.

Watch for a detailed, photo pictorial of the weekend coming soon. I am STILL on dial up. When I got home on Monday, DSL was working so Mr. Bruises talked me into rescheduling the Comcast appointment for next Monday due to some scheduling issues on our end. I did that and the next morning, DSL promptly quit working. I think it's a conspiracy. Living for Monday now!


Laurie said...

Congratulations to Travis, and thanks for your note about Irish. :-) Irish isn't quite 16 years old (he'll be 16 on Christmas Day, God willing!), but he sure had a great time campaigning for sweetest boy at Goldstock and getting lots of hugs and kisses from those who voted for him!

Irish didn't bring any votes to camp with him, but people sure were generous and he got $439 in votes over a two-day period. I'm real proud of my boy! Anything he can do to help rescue is great, and hopefully he'll be there to try again next year!

I'm glad Travis and you had a good time at Goldstock! It's a magical place, that's for sure!

Burgh Baby said...

Yay, Travis! I'm a little ticked at PayPal because I was never able to throw my pennies into the mix, but I'm glad he still won and was able to contribute so much. Well done!

Jeb said...

Congratulations Travis!