Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Successful Rescue!

I have rescued so many chipmunks through the years. There was the on that fell into the garbage can and was in there for who knows how long. Then there was the one being terrorized by the neighbors cat and was trapped between two windows. Then there were the other three that I wrestled from the same cat. Once bit by a cat, there's nothing you can do, their saliva is poison. Needless to say, none of the chipmunks I have rescued have ever survived. I always felt some comfort, in knowing, though, that they died comfortably in a warm place, on a soft fluffy towel instead of in a cat's mouth or a hawk's beak.

Yesterday, as I was heading to the store, I saw a baby chipmunk on the road. I stopped to let it scurry, but it didn't. It was soaking wet and all curled in a ball. It let me pick it up and didn't struggle. "Here we go again", I thought. So, I turned the car around and found a nice box, a fluffy towel, some of Rudy's food, a small milk cap of water and I took Jeffrey's basking lamp from his aquarium. I got the little critter all comfy and headed back on my way to the store.

Imagine my surprise when I got home and found the chipmunk up and around and eating! It was so lethargic when I left. I am pretty much sure that I have had my first successful chipmunk rescue. I will give him a few days, to make sure he is alright, then I will release him back where I found him.


Burgh Baby said...

You are like a chipmunk's best friend. Love it!

iforget said...

Yeah Rhonda!! Although they are a gardners challenge, I love to think that they know I care as I leave Cagney's food for them during the summer. Now that all those delicious acorns are falling,I love watching them scamper around the yard..
Your immediate care in giving him a warm place to dry off and lots of tlc, I am sure he will be ready to go on his next adventure in a couple days.
Thank you for rescuing this chippy!! Are you painting his nails purple before releasing him!!??

Golden hugs
Debbie and the Snobs said...

Just found your blog and loved the great chipmunk rescue!

You are a Rescue Ranger!