Saturday, September 6, 2008

Glow Ball!

One of the gifts that the boys received at Goldstock this year was Glow Ball from Auntie Carolyn. What a fun game that is! If you have a dog, you MUST play glow ball!

It's easy, just get yourself a glow in the dark ball and some glow necklaces, that you can find in the party section of Walmart. Activate the ball, by holding it to a bright light, then activate the necklace and put on on each dog. Then you go out in the dark and throw the ball and the necklaces allow you to see where they are. It's genius! As you can see, my boys LOVED it!!

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~Kammie~ said...

too funny.....I just want to give them big ole' hugs!!!!! love them--wish I had one! not 2 tho' LOL

and BTW, TAG, you're it! go to my blog and see what I got you for! :O)