Thursday, September 18, 2008

The chalkboard wars!

We have a chalkboard that hangs right by our basement door. It's original purpose was to write messages or keep track of things we needed to buy. Through the years, Mr. Bruises and I have gotten into a couple of wars on it, where I would write something, then he would and back and forth.

The most recent one has to do with Camilla. I originally wrote that "Girls and Gays drive Mini Coopers" and it went from there. Please don't think I am hating on gay men. I love gay men, I would actually marry a gay man if I could. I have just never met another man, who owned a Mini that wasn't gay.

When the Comcast guy came to switch over our cable and Internet last week, I noticed that when he went to leave, he paused. I then realized that he was probably inspecting the chalkboard. To a perfect stranger, can you imagine what a sight this was?

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

That's too funny!
I'm sure the Comcast guy must think you guys are some kind of weirdo.