Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wii Fit Review

Well, I have officially have had my Wii Fit for two weeks. I really like it. I do, however, have a tendency to yell at the TV screen and call the little character on the screen names.

First, lets talk about Miis. Miis are little versions of you that you create for use on the Wii. Look how cute my little Fonda Mii looks like.

Well, once you start using Wii Fit, you enter in your date of birth and your height. The balance board then weighs you. The program then calculates your BMI. At this point, I am told that I am OBESE and my Mii now looks like this!

Okay, I am chubby, fluffy, whatever. I sure as hell am not obese. Then, it puts you through two balance tests. The program then uses all the information to come up with you Wii Fit age for the day. Well my first time I was an OBESE 50 year old!
I eagerly waited for Mr. Bruises to get home and had him go through everything. I was SURE that he would he older than I since I play roller derby and he doesn't do much. Well, first he is OVERWEIGHT. I can honestly say that's wrong. Does this boy look overweight??
Anyway, he does his tests and he is awarded a Wii Fit age of 34. WTF??? How the hell can he be 34 and I'm 50. I then proceeded to kick his ass repeatedly in downhill skiing. And we all know I can outskate him.
So, in two weeks, I am now OVERWEIGHT and I am 30! Much better!

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~Tonyia~ said...

LOL I still haven't gotten Wii fit yet, I'm gonna ask for it maybe for my birthday. My sister has it and she loves it..