Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poor Service and Holding a Grudge

My salon has been open five years and four months. When it first opened, I had an experience with a local company, that provides a service that I needed at the time. It was an experience, let me tell you and five years later, I realize, I am still holding a grudge against them. I will not mention the name of the business or the type of service that they provide. I am going to be general, but the story needs to be told because customer service is really lacking now a days and businesses are not holding their employees accountable for giving crap ass service and they are losing business because of it.

I called the company to inquire about their service. They connected me to a rep, who made an appointment to meet me at the salon. The ONLY day she could meet me was a day the salon was closed, but I wanted the service so I agreed. I go into the salon, on my day off and guess what? The rep no-shows me. THREE days later she calls to apologize. She forgot until just then. So we made another appointment, however, from now on I am only making them when we are open, but I did schedule a block of time out of my schedule so that I wouldn't be working on a client when the rep came in.

Appointment two arrives, the rep actually shows up, but the device that she is expected to run, she doesn't know how to use. She leaves after ten minutes and reschedules me in a couple of days. More blank time in my book.

Appointment three arrives, she knows how to use the device! Guess what? She must have practiced with it for three days because now, the batteries are dead. AGAIN, she leaves after 10 minutes and reschedules for a couple of days later. MORE blank time out of my book, which those of you who aren't in the business may not know, blank time equals zero pay.

Finally, on the FOURTH appointment, she was able to operate the device, the device as fully charged and she got what she needed. At this point, she hands me a credit application. I inform her that I have no intentions of opening a credit account with the company, I would like to pay cash. I am informed that ALL new clients had to fill them out. So, I fill it out. I have to put all PERSONAL and business banking information as well as social security number. I am totally surprised that they didn't require a blood and urine sample.

I gave her the application and payment for my service and she was on her way. Over the next few months, I used their service again. Each time, she would ask me for my payment. One day, when she finally had hit my last nerve, I asked her about my credit application and this supposed credit line, since she seemed to always want to be paid before the service is provided. She informed me that my application was DENIED. I asked why. She did not know. I was given a number at their home office to call.

I called home office and was informed that it was denied because I was a NEW BUSINESS! The service that the company was providing was for NEW BUSINESSES! I asked why I had to fill out a credit application when it was going to be immediately denied. I was then informed that it was my CHOICE to fill it out. I informed her that I was told I had to fill it out if I wanted the service. She informed me that the rep was wrong.

At this point. My head blew off. Luckily I was able to reattach it. I called the rep and she actually got smart with me about it. I informed her that by her actions, her company could be sued because they were requiring a credit application for service, denying credit and not sending an Adverse Action Notice, which is required by law anytime someone applies for credit and is denied for any reason. I used to work in the banking industry, so I know my shit. See by her actions, even though she was wrong, she put her company in jeopardy.

I wrote a letter to the head of the company with all documentation. I asked about their Privacy Policy and how records are kept. I asked to have my application destroyed or returned to me since I was not comfortable with ALL of my business and personal banking information and social security number in a file for anyone to look up and see and possibly steal my identity.

I received a letter back. No apology. No trying to make things right. Just a letter, informing me that my application and file was sent to their attorney. If I had any other questions to contact him.

Wow! Great way to handle your business. Karma's a bitch because within six months BOTH the rep and the head are gone from the company. I find this out when a new rep comes in wanting to provide me service again. I inform her that the damage is done. I am done with the company.

Fast forward five years. I am asked by a friend, associated with the business why I don't use the business. I tell the story. I am then informed that someone from that business made an appointment to get their nails done at the salon and when she was talking about it, a co-worker asked her why she was coming to my salon when I didn't patronize the business that they worked for. Again. My head blew off. I just found it and luckily, I was able to reattach it ONCE AGAIN.

So, let me just say this. I do not patronize the business that you work for because the two people that I was exposed to were incompetent idiots that did not give one rat's ass about how they treated me. I see, based on this attitude that they still have some house cleaning to do internally. So, you think I should patronize your business after all that? I think not.

Maybe holding a grudge for five years is ridiculous. I can tell you this, after this last episode, I don't think that the grudge is going away any time soon. I am thankful that I don't need their services. I pray that the attitudes change because I would hate to see a few great people, who actually DO their job and do it well, punished because of the actions of a few bad apples.


Burgh Baby said...

I hold grudges forever. Absolutely FOREVER. It just sucks that customer service is so bad everywhere that now I sometimes I have to cave and continue using some companies.

YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Customer service nowadays is down the shit hole. Nobody actually gives a damn about their jobs anymore and the management just cares about profit profit profit, screw the customers.
I called a bakery last year to pre-order a special cake(one that they only make limited amount at Christmas time), they took my name and number. When I went to pick up, they couldn't find my order and said maybe someone mistakenly took my order instead. Didn't even apologize but ask me if I want to get something else instead(not even with a small discount, nothing). What is the point of pro-ordering then? I emailed the company about it and didn't now even hear anything back.