Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Health Notice

Saturday, when I went to pick BFF Jill up for our shopping trip, I noticed a sign on her door. I stood there and read it, then thought to myself, "You go girl, go on with your bad self". I then took a picture and shared it on Facebook. We got a ton of comments on the photo. One of my friends, who is in the industry belongs to a mommy forum in the state of Indiana and she shared it on her forum.

Every forum has their trolls. You know the ones. They are the ones that find fault in anything that certain people type. No matter what it is. This forum is no different and this person, let's call her "Indy" has a real bug up her ass about the sign.

Here are some direct quotes from her ( I am leaving all of her spelling errors):

If I saw this posted on a salon door/window, I would never set foot in there again. I would tell anyone I ever met not to set foot in there. I think it is presumtuous and incredibly rude.

When you choose a job where you are working with the public, this is the chance you take. And, I believe it is your choice. It is not a time to alienate customers, I wouldn't think. If you don't want the flu, wear a mask. Stay home. Cut your hours. It is YOUR responsibility, not everyone elses. Alternatively, if you work with the public, you should pretty much expect to get sick. Period. If you don't wish to get all the illnesses going around, then get a job where you aren't around many people (I am only around other staff all day).

This is just so freakin rude to me. Now HERE is where I see a sense of entitlement that is not yours. Shows very poor behavior, I think. And a horrible attitude to people who pay your bills.

I know, you are all thinking that this bitch is on crack, so do we. First, we are self-employed. If we don't work, we don't get paid so cutting our hours is not an option. If we get sick, we have no sick pay, so if YOU make ME sick, I lose money. Also, all the patrons in the salon risk getting sick as well because of YOUR selfish ass. Who has a sense on entitlement here? Lastly, just because we provide a service, it does not mean you PAY MY BILLS. I owe you nothing but a safe environment to get a service. Also, as a business owner, I can refuse service for any reason. Period. Lastly, in the state of PA, it is against state board rules to provide a service when you have an infection or contagious disease AND it is also against rules to provide a service ON someone that has one.

So, BFF Jill and I created our newest video that is dedicated to this Dumb Ass of the Week from the state of Indiana. We even wrote a little jingle for her. Enjoy!


Maggie said...

Dear "Indy:" You're a bitch, go to Supercuts!

OMG! If ALL my clients were that selfish and rude then I WOULD get out of the business and find a job where I didn't have to deal with people like this!

Anyone who walked through my door with THAT attitude would experience first hand my right to refuse service-- sick or not!

I love the concept that since I work with people I'm SUPPOSED to EXPECT to get sick! !!!!! I-I-I-- I'm just so aghast at this woman I can't even formulate coherent thought!


Candace said...

Rock on Rhonda!!! I freakin love you!!

Anonymous said...

Oh so I completely forgot until reading this that I have a document from 1938 which reads: Barber Health, no person acting as a barber shall knowingly serve any person afflicted with an infectious or communicable disease.

Huh.. So by law of 1938 I don't have to service anyone that is sick. jill

Becky said...

The video won't Rhonda!

The Purple Pinkie said...

It's working now Becky!