Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Bus Stop Wars Continue

Those of you who have been readers remember The Bus Stop Wars from last year and the second part of it. I finally thought, after having three conversations with this woman and having the police come and have her move her car twice that we had finally gotten through to her. It seems like summer break made her stupid again. Yesterday, there she was AGAIN, blocking our parking lot. It's a different car, and a different kid getting picked up, but it is clearly the SAME LADY.

I had to seriously walk away after taking the photo. If I went out to have a reasonable conversation with her, it would have gotten ugly really fast. The bus stop, which I had moved last year, is now approximately 50 yards from where she parks her car. This bus stops at the correct location and the kid walks all that way to the car.

First, wouldn't it make more sense to PARK WHERE THE BUS STOPS? I mean, really, there is plenty of parking there. Second, if you INSIST on parking in my parking lot, why can't you park like a normal human being in a parking space? Why must you park in the middle of the entrance to the parking lot so that no one can enter or exit?

You, my dear, are the Dumb Ass of the Week. It's been awhile since I've awarded it!

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