Friday, October 9, 2009

We need a bigger bed!

Last night, Mr. Bruises and I were watching the news. Travis was in the living room with us and we realized that Riley was missing. I went back to our bedroom and this is what I found, Riley and Kallie already tucked in bed snoozing.

I guess they were going to bed early so that they could secure their spots in the bed. As you can see, we have a queen sized bed. With two 70 plus pound goldens, a cat and two humans, our bed is ridiculously small!

We've considered getting a king or California king for awhile now. The problem with that idea is that we would have to eliminate a piece of furniture. We don't have a lot of closet space as it is, so the two dressers that we have are needed. I guess we could just have the bed up against the wall, however I like to be able to walk around the bed, it makes changing the linens easier.

I have two, really expensive, therapeutic doggie beds on the floor and a kitty bed on our head board that are going unused. I really think that these animals think that this is "their" bed and they let us sleep with them!


YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Don't you already know by now that everything is their's not the humans?
You'll still be out of room even if you get a King bed.

Nance said...

We have a king size bed and it takes up the whole room. I hate it. Have fun tomorrow!

Burgh Baby said...

Yeah. So, we got a king-sized bed and I was SOOOO excited to finally have space. At first. It took about a month, but now everyone has gone back to their old ways of sleeping. I get 6 inches of space, husband gets 6 inches of space, and there is a giant void in the middle of the bed thanks to the dogs. Jerks.