Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A day at The Strip!

Saturday, Jill, Becky, Brian and I went shopping in The Strip District. It was quite an adventure. They drug me in a ton of stores and I bought all kinds of food I will never have the opportunity to eat.

One of the stops was Wholey's Fish Market. Jill was all excited because the accordion player was there. He was playing Christmas carols that day. I got a nice smile from him as I walked past while taking his photo.

Out Front, they have these scary looking fishermen dummies. Of course, Jill had to violate one of them.

Once inside, we see all the fish! The sign says "clean yourself". Becky, I don't think they mean with your tongue!

Jill decided that she wanted to kiss one of them. At this point, an older, female Wholey's employee is eyeing us suspiciously and offers us a shopping basket.

There were mirrors above the fish counter that just screamed for a photo op. I love the looks on the random stranger's faces, behind us in the photo.

In the strip, we encountered all kinds of ethnic food. Some were confusing. I can see a number of adolescents attempting to smoke asparagus now. Grass? really? Who calls asparagus grass?

Our favorite find was this special "flavor" of soup. I can see all kinds of Lorena Bobbit inspired women making this scrumptious soup for the upcoming holidays! I have a fondness for Lorena, afterall, she "is" the most famous manicurist of them all!

The day was complete, when I returned home and saw how happy Chip was that I bought him a pound of fresh chestnuts!


Burgh Baby said...

I have been to the Strip many times, but never have I assaulted that little dude. I now have a goal.

OlRedHair said...
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OlRedHair said...

Great pics! What is Jill doing to the fisherman dude?

Burgher said...

I bought that cock soup for one of my gay friends :-)