Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weirdo on Route 28 North

On Saturday, we encountered a car on Route 28 North. The driver was driving and videotaping at the same time. We have no idea why.

We had stopped at a naughty store to get a couple gag gifts for one of Jill's fireman friends, who was turning 21. As we passed the vehicle, we made sure that the driver got a good look at the centerfold.

He continued to follow us and continued to video tape. We slowed down a number of times and he would not pass us. Finally he made his move and we were ready! We video taped him and he floored it to get past us!

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Burgh Baby said...

What is it about 28 and weirdos? A few weeks ago I was headed up 28 to Water Works and two guys in a Cavalier would NOT get away from me. They sat directly beside my car, with the passenger turned completely sideways to stare at me.

I'm starting to think 28 is where the freaks go to hold a parade.