Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Bruises is Cooking Christmas Dinner

Last year was the first time I had to cook Christmas dinner. I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner many times and don't mind, I am busy at the salon then but not as busy as I am at Christmas. I did not get to enjoy Christmas at all last year, all I did was work, cook and clean. Mr. Bruises and I agreed last year that it will be different this year.

Well, a year has passed and Mr. Bruises has a bad memory. He is insisting that we have the full, sit-down, repeat of Thanksgiving dinner that his mother always had. My family was more casual. We had ham and other goodies and you made a plate as you came and went.

After debating this for a week, he has informed me that he will cook the dinner ALL BY HIMSELF. Right. Well, I am booked solid in the salon Monday and Tuesday. On Christmas Eve, I have to work selling gift certificates. I then have to take Riley out to visit my mom. There is no way in hell I am going to come home and start preparing for the next day's meal. Then, Christmas morning we would open presents and I would cook, cook, cook, then we would eat, then I would have to clean, clean, clean. NO WAY. So fine. He can do it himself.

I made him a grocery list and he went, by himself, yesterday and got everything he needs. He did call me, no less than six times from the store to ask questions. I did help him organize everything and put things away. I reminded him that I would make the pie and jello dessert and cole slaw, but the rest was his responsibility. He said he knew.

I can't wait to see him attempt to make stuffing. This is going to be good. I think he is banking on the fact that I won't be able to stand watching him flailing in the kitchen and will give in and do it all. Well, he is going to be pleasantly surprised. I am going to liquor myself up so I don't care what is happening in the kitchen.

The holidays. You got to love them. Otherwise, you would just stick your head in the oven with the turkey. Or better yet, up the turkey's ass!


OlRedHair said...


I can't wait to hear how it turns out!

Kris said...

I will want to see PICTURES. Better yet, got a video camera??

The Purple Pinkie said...

Well, I am actually trying to figure out how I can stream it LIVE over the Internet. Without him knowing, you know! LOLOL