Thursday, December 18, 2008

GNO Christmas!

Saturday, the GNO Girls and I had lunch at the Olive Garden, in the Pittsburgh Mills. We all worked together at the credit union and as we left, one by one, we pledged to all get together once a month to have dinner. We used to be a little more rowdier and GNO stands for Girls Night Out. Lately, we've been getting together every month or so. Saturday was our Christmas get together.

I am happy to say that none of us work there anymore, but the friendship that we found as co-workers has proved that it is going to last a lifetime. These are some of by best friends.

Robin is first. She is actually Nick's cousin. She is married to an Adam Sandler look-a-like. Then there is ME! Heidi is next. Heidi actually worked at the cycle shop for awhile and just recently dyed her hair dark. Next is Connie. Connie sometimes bails on us and we take her image on a stick with us and introduce her to strangers and take a picture with them. Finally, is Sue With the Big Boobs. Sue is my vertically, challenged friend who once purchased a pair of pants and was amazed that they didn't need hemmed. She realized later that they were "Clam Diggers"

Sue's boobs are very talented. I have personally seen them type. I hear that they play piano as well and one once got stuck in a folding chaise lounge.

Connie's boobs are a close second. She once left boob prints in her son's birthday cake and didn't know it because the evidence was not visible to her. They also have been known to wash windows.

We used to go on trips and our mantra was "It isn't a GNO trip unless someone pukes or pees their pants" I've done both at the same time thanks to choking on a Dorito crumb. I miss those trips!

Props goes out to Cherie, the best server at the Olive Garden. She put up with us with a smile on her face the entire time!!

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Burgh Baby said...

I wish my boobs could type. Could you imagine how much I could get done if I could type on two keyboards at one time?