Saturday, December 6, 2008

Photos taken from a moving vehicle..

Now, I will admit, I have taken a number of photos while driving, however, I miss all kinds of things because I have to actually drive. Saturday, it was nice to be a passenger for a change and I got lots of opportunities to take random photos. Enjoy!

Here is a random jogger that we encountered on the 40th street bridge. She smiled as Jill heckled her from the front seat.

Then of course, I got all nostalgic as we approached mile marker 23 on route 28. This is the exact spot where I sat for hours after running out of gas. I coasted my car in reverse until I was safely off of the bridge.

Here is the notorious mile marker 23.

Who knew that Fabio was such an artist?

Finally, Becky made me take a photo of "hot guy's" house.

Come back tomorrow, when I post a video of some freak that was video taping, while driving on 28.

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