Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mr. Bruises Hits Double Fours!

Yesterday was Mr. Bruises' birthday. I think it would suck having a birthday so close to Christmas. I've always made sure that I've made his birthday special. I never, ever, take what was meant as a Christmas gift and give it to him for his birthday, I always make sure I get him something special. I never, ever, ever, wrap his birthday present in Christmas paper either.

Mr. Bruises likes chocolate cake with chocolate icing for his birthday. It's hard to find one already made, so I usually end up making his cake. I love how, in the photo, Travis is clearly helping him blow out his candles on his cake. Since we are in our forties now, we no longer put actual number of candles on cakes anymore. The main reason is, by the time you get the last one lit, the first one is almost gone. Seriously. We have resorted to using those big number candles. This year, I opted to write out two fours with candles. It worked pretty good.
The best part of birthdays are the presents. Mr. Bruises had been wanting a SCDD hoodie with his name on it forever. I always told him it was for skaters and refs only. Elsa Slam let me order him one in the last order. I think this was his favorite present this year.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bruises!


Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Bruises!

Sophie101 said...

Well I've ALWAYS loved choc. cake and choc. icing, I remember my Mom getting so mad at me when I was little cuz' she always said it was hard to decorate. LOL