Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pneumonia sucks!

Twelve days ago, I awoke with a dull pain between my shoulder blades. I knew that I was going to get sick. Mr. Bruises had been hacking in my face, while sleeping, for about three weeks now. I decided to fight the sickness head on.

I loaded myself up with Emergen-C three times daily, I took Mr. Bruises' cough syrup with codeine three times a day and I took Ibuprofen to get rid of my aches and keep a fever at bay.

Well, through all this playing doctor, I've learned, after finally getting into see the doctor on Thursday, a number of things. First, I am allergic to codeine, hence the rash on my torso. Second, by not allowing myself to cough at all, I now have pneumonia.

I am on some strong antibiotics and I now have an inhaler. I've developed a slight case of asthma as well. I've noticed a number of times this season, at derby practice, that I would get to the point, where it was hard to breathe. It seemed to me like it was an asthma attack, but as far as I knew I didn't have it. Well, I do.

The lesson to be learned by this is to not play doctor, it can backfire on you. I have insurance now, I should use it. I am paying the price for it now, but I do have a spiffy red inhaler that I totally plan to bling out.


Hatgal said...

dont be offended, but im staying the hell away from you . I catch pnemounia fairly easy since I've had double when I was little. We'll have to figure out a day/time and go for lunch or dinner b4 the holiday. Maybe next Monday if your feeling up to it. Take care!!

YD said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Sophie101 said...

I've had "walking" pnemonia before and I've had bronchitis (mis spelled) countless times. I know what your going thru and I hope you are better soon. Miss hearing from you.