Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Photos!

I thought you guys may enjoy seeing some Christmas photos. I know I really enjoy looking at others photos. This was Travis' first true Christmas. Last year, he spent it alone in a cold barn. This is also Chip's first Christmas as well!

Travis is enjoying his Christmas bone. Both Riley and Travis got one on Christmas Eve.

Since Travis is the low dog on the totum pole, he got to be the one humiliated with the bells this year. Riley is totally thrilled that he isn't the youngest any longer!

Kitty gazes at the Christmas tree and wonders when the heck we are going to open presents.

The boys check out all the presents under the tree with Daddy. They are trying to figure out which ones are theirs!

Daddy helps Riley with a present.

While Travis rips into one of his.

Riley gets in on the ripping action.

OMG, it's Giraffe!!! Giraffe, where have you been?!? (Riley forgets that he disemboweled Giraffe last year and this is a new one)

No Kitty! That's MY Giraffe!

Travis gets a really tough toy, one that he supposedly can't destroy.

Kitty checking out her new bed, waiting for Daddy to insert the catnip.

Last, but not least, Chip is enjoying his new wheel. This photo was taken today. Christmas day, as I was putting it into his cage, he got all freaked out and was running around like crazy. Well, he ran real fast up the front of the cage and flipped out of the door. He was running loose in the house for about 15 minutes. Nick and I finally got him in a towel and safely returned him to his cage. We were real sweaty! Chip loves his new wheel!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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